Month: February 2012

Girls With Grace Ministry

This is a ministry for teen girls to help prepare them for the Lord’s work.  This preparation could be for working full time in the  ministry  or  for assisting the Pastor’s Wife with her duties. Grace Hardy presented this ministry at a ladies meeting that I just attended.  Results of her intensive training with the girls that …

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Setting an Elegant Tea Table

Gathering Tea Table Linens 1. Search Good Will Stores and yard sales to find dainty linens to use. 2. If you have plenty of time and have a sewing machine, make your own table linens.  Although there are many ready-made table linens, you can make linens that are more beautiful, and  they are more special …

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Is Your Husband Your Best Friend?

Ways To Help Make Your Husband Become Your Best Friend It is important that you not usurp your husband’s  position of leadership. Your husband wants to love you, but if you take over his leadership, he begins to compete. When he begins to compete, he loses his feeling of love for you. Show him that …

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