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Missionary Skit


The basic premise of this drama is that the person is sharing with the group how the Lord led him to go into missions. This prompts the action of the two demons in trying to do everything possible to discourage the person from going.

It is important that the drama is set-up properly. It is good if it is possible not to let the audience know that this is a drama. Rather, try in every way to convince the audience that it is just a person who desires to share with them.


  • Person (normal guy or girl)
  • Demon 1 (wearing red and/or black with appropriate make-up)
  • Demon 2 (wearing red and/or black with appropriate make-up)


I feel very privileged to be able to share with all of you this evening. Like many people, I grew up thinking that I was a Christian because I grew up in a Christian family and went to church every Sunday. Then, just a few months ago, a team from the Doulos came and stayed at my house for a week. I could really see that they knew God in a personal way, and talked about him as if they were talking about a friend. I also knew that I didn’t know God like they knew him. On the last night of their visit, I prayed to accept Christ into my heart. Ever since I asked Jesus to be my Saviour, I could sense that he has been leading me into MISSIONS… (Person freezes momentarily)
(In an immediate, violent reaction, Demon 1 and Demon 2 run out onto the stage screaming.)
Demon 1 & Demon 2:
Demon 2:
We must do something to stop him!
Demon 1:
We need a plan!
(Demons huddle together and scheme. As they do so, Person comes back to life and continues his testimony. As he begins to speak, the demons come up with a strategy and quickly move from the place where they were huddling in front of P to a place just behind him, from which they can whisper in his ear.)
I started preparations by looking into several missions sending agencies.
Demon 1:
But wait! What about your job? You need to build up a nest egg for your retirement. After all, if you don’t take care of your future, nobody else will.
(Nodding his head in agreement) Yeah, I never thought about retirement. If I go to the mission field, who is going to support me when I get old?
Demon 2:
And what about your training and your education? All of that time would have been wasted!
(Getting discouraged) That’s true! All those years of working my way up the ladder would have been a waste of time, and all that time and money that I spent at the university would be of no value at all!
(He stops to think for a minute. As he does, the demons look at each other with very satisfied expressions.)
Wait a minute. Jesus said… (As soon as Person says Jesus the demons react violently.)
Demon 1 & Demon 2:
JESUS!!! (As they say this, they move away and shield their faces in a frozen position.)
(Continuing on) …Jesus said in Matthew 6, “Do not worry, saying `what shall we eat,’ or `what shall we drink,’ but seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well. So do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself.”
(The demons come out of their frozen position and make new plans, again huddled in front of Person. As Person continues speaking, they move behind him again for another try.)
I will be joining Operation Mobilisation. This is a group that has work in over 35 different countries throughout the world.
Demon 1:
Well, I guess this means you don’t intend to marry, hmmm?
(With a puzzled expression) No, I’ve always planned on having a wife, and I’ve got some great names picked out for the children.
Demon 1:
Well, everybody knows that you’ll never find a decent wife on the mission field!
(Eyes get very big as he realises the implications of this) I never thought about that! If I leave home how will I ever find the right person to marry?
Demon 2:
Yes, and what would your brother and your sister think? Your friends and relatives would think you were crazy!
Oh no! They wouldn’t understand at all. They would think that I was joining a…a…(stutter) cult or something! (Again Person pauses to think. Again demons look pleased.)
Wait! I remember that in the Bible, Jesus said… (Again demons give immediate, violent reaction and shy away)
Demon 1 & Demon 2:
JESUS! Not JESUS again!!
Jesus said in Luke 14, “If any one comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters – yes, even his own life – he cannot be my disciple.” (Demons act very agitated as they again huddle Person continues)
So I will be joining Operation Mobilisation. In particular the Lord has been putting a real burden on my heart for the country of India.
Demon 1:
You? In India? You could never do that. You haven’t had enough training and what about the language?
Demon 2:
You can’t even communicate effectively in your own language, and you know what a terrible speaker you are.
(Acts very nervous as he begins to remember a bad speaking experience.) I remember that time in school when I had to give a speech I got so nervous that I couldn’t remember the first line, and then I froze and everybody started to laugh at me. (Demons give a very demonic laugh in the background) I never want that to happen again!
(Pause. Demons look wary.)
But, then again, Jesus said… (Demons react as before.)
Demon 1 & Demon 2:
JESUS!! I wish he would stop quoting JESUS!!!
Jesus said in Luke 21, “Make up your mind not to worry before hand about how you will defend yourselves, for I will give you words and wisdom that none of your adversaries will be able to resist or contradict.”
(Demons huddle together for one more try.)
I will be working in the northern states of India where there are literally millions of Muslim and Hindus who have never even heard the Gospel for the first time.
Demon 1:
But wait! Look at yourself. (Person looks down at self.) You’re young. You have your whole life ahead of you. (Demon 1 and Demon 2 both make a sweeping gesture forward showing Person how much he has in his future.) You don’t have to go to the mission field NOW, do you, hmmm??
(Rather flattered at these thoughts) No, I suppose not. Hey, you know, that makes sense. I’ve got my whole life to serve the Lord. If I just wait a few years, I can build up a little money just in case any emergencies come up. And, I could take care of the wife situation in the meantime. Then, I would be really ready to go. Why didn’t I think of that before? (Resumes testimony.)
So, as I was saying, I will be leaving for the mission field in just a few short years … maybe. Thank you.
(Person turns and walks of the stage With Demon 1 and Demon 2 following close behind, rubbing their hands and smiling with delight.)

This document copyright (c) 1995 by Mathew Pole. Reproduction and/or distribution for non-commercial purposes is permissible providing that the drama is left fully intact. Permission is given to modify the drama for personal use, under the condition that the changes are not redistributed. Please send additions or corrections to Mathew and Paulyn Pole (
Last changed: Saturday 12 August 1995

First, remember he is not trying, but trusting.

• He is trusting God to use your church to meet his needs.
• The local church is the place where God will meet his needs both financially and spiritually.
• He is a missionary (a world traveling evangelist), sent by a local church.
• Traveling expenses and a generous love offering should be given to him in consideration of his labor for the Lord.

Second, remember he is not running, but resting. He and his family have probably traveled thousands of miles.

• You must allow him to have time to rest and recover for the next journey.
• You must not ask him to rest where you yourselves could not rest.
• He is a missionary, not a Moochinary. He has a high calling of God.
• He is or will be somebody’s hero. You should treat him as one.

Third, remember he is not wondering, but praying. You need to take his prayer card and pray about the following things.

• The health of him and his family
• Problems he may have with the language.
• Relationships he will encounter with the nationals
• His children (MK)
• The mental and emotional health of him and his family
• The missionary’s family who is left at home
• The missionary’s material needs
• The doctrinal purity of the missionary and his stand on the Bible
• Problems of demonic opposition
• Pray for prepared hearts of those he will be ministering.

Mother, What Kind of Temple Are You Building?

Two Temples

A Builder builded a temple,
He wrought it with grace and skill
Pillars and groins and arches.
All fashioned to work his will.

Men said as they saw its beauty,
“It shall never know decay;
Great is thy skill, O builder!
Thy fame shall endure for aye”

A Mother builded a temple,
With loving and infinite care,
Planning each arch with patience,
Laying each stone with prayer.

None praise her unceasing efforts,
None knew of her wondrous plan
For the temple the Mother builded
Was unseen by the eyes of man.

Gone is the Builder’s temple,
Crumbled into the dust
Low lies each stately pillar,
Food for consuming rust.

But the temple the Mother builded,
Will last while the ages roll,
For that beautiful unseen temple
Was a child’s immortal soul.

After a few of the usual Sunday evening hymns, the pastor stood up, walked over to the pulpit and briefly introduced a guest minister. In the introduction, the pastor told the congregation that the guest minister was his dearest childhood friends, and he wanted his friend to share whatever he felt would be appropriate for the service. The elderly man stepped to the pulpit and began to speak.

A Father, his son, and a friend of his son were sailing off the Pacific coast one day, when a fast approaching storm blocked any attempt to get back to the shore. The waves were so high that, even though the father was an experienced sailor, he could not keep the boat upright and the three were swept into the ocean as the boat capsized.

The old man hesitated for a moment, making eye contact with two teenagers who were, for the first time since the service began, looking somewhat interested in his story. He continued with his story,

Grabbing a rescue line, the father had to make the most excruciating decision of his life—which boy would he throw the life line?  He only had seconds to make the decision. The father knew that his son was a Christian, but He also knew that his son’s friend was not. The agony of his decision could not be matched by the torrent of waves. As the Father yelled out, I love you, son! He threw out the life line to his son’s friend. By the time the father had pulled the friend back to the capsized boat, his son had disappeared beneath the raging swell into the black of the night. His body was never covered.

By this time, the two teenagers were sitting up straight in the pew, anxiously waiting for the next words to come out of the old minister’s mouth.

The Father knew his son would step into eternity with Jesus, and he could not bear the thought of his son’s friend stepping into an eternity without Jesus. Therefore he sacrificed his son to save the son’s friend. How great is the love of God that He should do the same for us. Our heavenly Father sacrificed His only begotten Son that we could be saved. I urge you to accept His offer to rescue you and take a hold of the life line He is throwing out to you in this service.

With that, the old man turned and sat back down in his chair as silence filled the room. The pastor again walked slowly to the pulpit, delivered a brief sermon, and gave an invitation at the end. When no one responded to the invitation, the pastor closed the service with prayer.

After the service, the two teenagers were at the old man’s side, That was a nice story, politely stated one of the boys, but I don’t think it was very realistic for a Father to give up his only son’s life hopes that the other boy would become a Christian.

Well, you’ve got a point there, the old man replied. Glancing down at his worn Bible, a big smile broadened his narrow fact—he once again looked up at the boys and said, It sure isn’t realistic, is it? But I’m standing here today to tell you that story gives me a glimpse of what it must have been like for God to give up His Son for me. You see—I was that Father and your pastor is my son’s friend.

This was said to be a true story.

What are My Goals for the Coming Year?

Unless I attempt to do more than I am now doing, I will never achieve all that I can do. If I aim at nothing, I am sure to reach nothing. Setting goals helps me keep my eyes focused on something bigger than my own problems and adversity.

Here is sample of some of my simplified goals:

Physical goals: Lose _____lbs by December ? Consciously drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables; exercise at least 3 days a week.

Mental goals: Memorize 5 verses every month, take an on-line class, begin to learn another language.

Spiritual goals: Read/listen through the Bible, keep a prayer journal, fast one day a week, pour myself into a new convert.

Family goals: Pray diligently for my family members. Have morning devotions with my husband. Tell my family members that “I love you” more.

Financial goals: Consistently give tithes and increase my mission’s giving. Avoid making frivolous purchases. Avoid using charge cards unless it is an emergency.

Church goals: Pray more diligently for my pastor, our church leaders, and our church families. Send cards to the discouraged, shut-ins, and children; Look for opportunities to give alms (benevolence causes) Pass out more tracts and don’t pass up any soul-winning opportunities.