Mission Conference Songs

A Million Homes
Tune: Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus

A million homes a crying
For Christ the Living Bread,
But no one seems to hear them
And yet they must be fed;
The Printed Word will reach them
If we but give and pray
Then led us take it to them,
Before they pass away.

The night is fast approaching
And soon ‘Twill be too late,
O Church of God awaken
And save them from their fate;
God’s Word says, “Every Creature”
Then go from door to door,
As we take the message
Our Lord will go before.

We may not go in person
But we will give and pray,
Our Lord said, “Whosoever,”
Then let us speed away;
The Printed Word can reach them
And win them to the fold
Then let us take the Message
The story must be told

How Can They Know?
Tune: How Great Thou Art

Oh, when I think of all the heathen millions,
Who’ve never heard the sound of Thy sweet same
Who’ve never known the miracle of Calvary
Who never can Thy great salvation claim
Unless we give until the victory’s won
How can they know? How can they know?

But when they hear that Jesus died to save them
And when they know the Grace He doth impart
When Jesus shines His love divine within them.
He will transform their sinful heathen heart.
Then they shall sing, “My Savior God to Thee
How great Thou Art, How Great Thou Art.”

Hark, The Master Calleth
Tune: Onward Christian Soldiers

Hark, the Master calleth: Who for me will go?
Some from ev’ry nation must the Savior know;
Other sheep are waiting for the Gospel call,
Ev’ry tongue must praise Him
Jesus died for all

Hasten, then, oh, hasten, to the lands of night;
Farther and still farther, with the Gospel Light.

Harvest fields are bending soon ‘twill be too late
Reapers now are needed, lo, ‘tis death to wait;
Who will take the Gospel, over land and sea
Who will answer gladly, “Here am I send me?”

Hasten, then, oh, hasten, to the lands of night;
Farther and still farther, with the Gospel Light.

All may share the glory; some can give and pray
Others at His bidding quickly speed away;
Life must be invested none for self may live;
Who will heed the challenge, all to Jesus give?

Hasten, then, oh, hasten, to the lands of night;
Farther and still farther, with the Gospel Light.

Come and Hear, Go and Tell
Tune: Jesus Saves 

If  you want to do your part,
Come and hear, go and tell.
Hear the Word within your heart,
Come and hear, go and tell.
Send the Good News far and wide,
Sing of Heaven, warn of  Hell,
Bring the lost to Jesus’ side,
Come and hear, go and tell.

Get a vision for the world,
Come and hear, go and tell.
Let God’s banner be unfurled,
Come and hear, go and tell.
It depends on you and me,
Work for Christ, we must do well.
He will give the victory,
Come and hear, go and tell.

Ye Are the Light of the World
Tune: Showers of Blessing

Millions in sin are abiding,
Satan has blinded their sight,
Good news from them we are hiding,
If we don’t show them the light.

Shine in the darkness,
Carry His banner unfurled;
Giving and showing them Jesus.
Ye are the light of the world.

Let your light shine all about you,
Take the good news everywhere;
Though some may scoff and may doubt you,
You can show them that you care.

We must go out in the highways;
Compel them to come in and hear,
While others go out to the byways,
Taking the message of cheer.

Night Cometh
Tune: Redeemed, How I Love To Proclaim It

The darkness of sin is increasing,
As the end of the ages draws nigh;
Unrighteousness grows without ceasing,
The power of God they deny.

Awake, awake, the harvest is ready to store;
Awake, awake, night cometh when man works no more.

Night cometh, our labors are ending,
The Good News no longer we’ll share;
Today is the time to be sending,
The message of Christ everywhere.

 The fields are now white unto harvest,
It’s time to arise from our sleep;
By giving and going and praying,
A harvest of souls we can reap.


He Has Called Us
Tune: Face to Face

Face to face with Christ my Savior,
Face to face, what will it be?
When I answer to my Master,
Jesus Christ Who died for me.

Face ti face I shall behold Him
On His glorious judgment seat.
What a shame, if at that meeting,
I  lay nothing at His feet.

He has called us to the reaping,
Urgently sent out the call.
What a shame, if at His coming,
We have brought no sheaves at all!

Face to face, what tragic moment,
When with sorrow in His eyes,
All my works burned in a moment,
What a woeful paradise!


If They Never See the Light
Tune: At the Cross

Praise God, and since my Savior bled,
And since my Sovereign died,
I’ll go and do what Jesus said,
And take Him as my Guide.

Oh, what loss, Oh, what loss,
If they never see the Light,
And if no one takes their burdens all away.
If the heathen die, in the gloom of sinful night,
If they never know a single happy day.

See, then, it’s written in His Word,
The workers are so few.
Why do we call the Savior, “Lord”,
But fail His work to do?

It is now my daily task,
To seek His work to do?
How can it be too much to ask,
When laborers are so few?