Organize Your Women’s Ministry

 Ministries for Women

As a pastor’s wife, here are some seed thoughts of how you might begin a women’s ministry in your church.

Special Note: Be sure to check with your husband before you begin any women’s ministry. Be sensitive to his desires. Some pastors prefer that there are no women’s ministries in the church.

It is very important that all of your ladies have a place of service. Your women want to feel like they belong and have a place to serve in the church.

Decide on a name for your ladies’ ministry. You could take suggestions from your ladies and together think of a name.

One church named their ladies’ ministry group Women’s CARE Ministry.

 C-coordinating  A-available R-resources for E-evangelism and E-encouragement

A purpose statement could be:

 We, as the women of ___________ Baptist Church, desire to glorify God by working  together as one body to evangelize and encourage other women. 

  1. We will establish God’s Word in our lives by having daily devotions.
  2. We will pray for our church, its leaders, and its ministries.
  3. We will have a teachable spirit and be willing to take criticism.
  4. We will serve others by appreciating and supporting others’ suggestions, knowing that by doing this, it will motivate them to use their strengths.
  5. We will delegate to others when necessary and we will be realistic about our own limitations.
  6. We will keep in check unloving attitudes such as jealousy or envy.
  7. We will respect, cooperate, and submit to those who are in authority over us.

Ideas for Various Ministry Coordinators

Counseling Coordinator: She could be a woman in the church who has had some counseling training. This coordinator could enlist another woman to be in charge of training altar workers to pray with women at the altar.  She could also enlist another woman to organize discipleship lessons and Bible studies to encourage the women of the church to grow spiritually.

Encouragement Coordinator: She could be the woman who enlists other women to begin encouragement ministries. There could be a ministry to send cards. This coordinator could choose someone to be in charge of sending birthday, anniversary, and get-well cards. This coordinator could enlist someone else to be in charge of organizing visitation calls to women in the hospital or nursing homes. She could also enlist someone to be in charge of getting meals together when there is a death or serious illness in the church.

Ladies Meetings Coordinator:  She could be the woman who coordinates and plans monthly ladies’ meetings and ladies’ retreats.

Events Coordinator: She could be the one who enlists other women to help plan seasonal banquets, bridal and baby showers. This coordinator could be the person who organizes meals for various fellowships.

Nursery and Beginner Coordinator: She could be the one who enlists new workers for the nursery and Beginner Department. She oversees the maintenance of nursery and beginner departments. She could enlist other women to do bulletin boards and cleaning projects for nursery and beginner departments.

Sunday school Coordinator: She could be the woman who is in charge of getting curriculum ordered for elementary Sunday school classes and coordinate teachers for classes. She could plan and coordinate times of training sessions for the Sunday school teachers.

Building Beautification Coordinator: She could get others to help her care for the flowers outside. She could also enlist someone to be in charge of the seasonal flower arrangement in the auditorium. (Notice I said-the arrangement) Don’t go overboard with flowers in the auditorium. Men will not appreciate your decorating if the auditorium looks like a woman’s bedroom. It would be better if  the auditorium looked more manly than feminine). This coordinator could be in charge of organizing special cleaning or beautifying projects for the church. (Paint, paper, and seasonal cleaning)

Missions Coordinator: The purpose of this ministry would be to enlist other women to help promote missions in the church. The purpose of any ladies’ ministry is to get everyone involved and to encourage other women to use their spiritual gifts for the Lord. One woman could be in charge of the missionaries’ letters. She could read each missionary letter carefully and write down all the special prayer requests of the missionaries. She could then give those requests to the church secretary to put in church bulletin or pass out the prayer requests to the other ladies. Another woman could be responsible for maintaining bulletin boards to help promote missions. The coordinator could enlist other women to encourage missionaries by sending them birthday cards,  anniversary cards, and  periodic emails.

Hospitality Coordinator: She could be the woman who helps prepare for special guest pastors and missionaries. She could enlist a woman to prepare fruit baskets for the rooms of the guests. If the church has a Missionary apartment, assign a woman to check the apartment for cleanliness and make sure there are a few snacks, bottled water, etc. in the apartment.  If your church has to put a guest pastor or missionary in a motel, have someone prepare a fruit basket for his motel room. One church that we visited, the pastor always made sure that the visiting pastor or missionary was presented a gift from the pulpit. (Usually a tie) One woman could keep a calendar of visiting pastors and missionaries and make sure that there was a welcome gift in place near the pulpit ready for the pastor to present.

 Encourage Each Woman to Get Involved  in a Ministry

Ideas for Various Women’s Ministries 

  1. Teaching Sunday School
  2. Teaching an afternoon  children’s Bible Study
  3. Teaching a preteen or teen girl’s charm class
  4. Visitation: hospital, newcomers, elderly, soul winning, absentees
  5. An audio ministry. Taking  CD’s of sermons to shut-ins  each week
  6. Deaf ministry
  7. Choir ministry
  8. Do secretarial work—typing or filing
  9. Writing for church bulletin, writing Christmas plays, writing ladies’ programs
  10. Corresponding with missionaries
  11. Ministry of sending birthday and anniversary cards
  12. Serving as church hostess to coordinate fellowship dinners and after-church fellowships
  13. Organizing ladies to provide meals for sick or deaths in the church
  14. Directing plays or pageants for church; designing and making costumes and sets
  15. Giving dramatic readings and poems for church functions
  16. Puppet Ministry
  17. Children’s Church Ministry
  18. Nursery Ministry
  19. Developing  a loaning library for the church in consultation with pastor
  20.  Make scrapbooks with church activities
  21. Taking photographs a special events and special days
  22. Counselors for church camps
  23. Making decorations for banquets and parties
  24. Sewing baptismal robes for home and for mission field
  25. Arranging the program for special events at church
  26. Laundering the sheets for the church nursery
  27. Cleaning the church
  28. Praying in a private way for church leaders
  29. Offering to help the pastor’s wife—baby sitting for her when she is under pressure—helping with house cleaning projects once a week.
  30. Designing and arranging floral arrangements for the church

 After you have decided on a ministry, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do I believe this is God’s will for me or am I yielding to the pressures of others?
  2. Is my husband willing for me to be involved in this ministry?
  3. Do I believe that this ministry will help me grow as a person and make good use of my abilities?
  4. Will this activity hinder my responsibilities at home?
  5. Do I have the physical stamina and energy to be faithful to this job?
  6. Will this activity build up Christians or influence the lost in some way? Will it count for eternity?
  7. As I pray about it, do I sense God’s approval and peace?


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