Hints for the Missionary Wife Who Is on Deputation

Deputation Hints for the Missionary Wife

  1. Deputation is a not only a time to raise money, but it is a time of preparation for future ministry. It is a time to show others that you are competent and worthy enough to be a missionary.  It is a time to prove to the churches that you have what it takes to be a missionary and to make proper adjustments. There will be times on deputation when God will send severe trials. As you go through these trials, keep in mind that God is preparing you for future ministry.
  2. Deputation is hard for children. Make this time fun for them. Make memories and take pictures. Visit national parks, zoos, and museums while traveling. Listen to story and music CDs in the car.
  3. Teach your child good manners   His behavior can help or hinder you in acquiring support. Make sure you teach your child proper church and restaurant manners before you get to the churches. Many times a mother will be embarrassed about her child’s behavior, but she has failed to teach him proper manners.
  4.  Learn all you can from everyone. Never try to instruct pastors about your opinions. Even if a pastor has bad habits, procedures, and doctrine, learn what not to do from him.
  5. Watch your heart! Do not let it get cold and carnal. Keep you and your family spiritually healthy and disciplined through daily Bible reading and devotions. Never stop guiding your children in spiritual principles. Make God’s Word applicable to their lives by using age appropriate devotions.
  6. Present yourself to the churches in a first class way. Do not get lazy on deputation.  Set goals for you and your children.  Everything you do should be first class: clean car, clothes neatly pressed, prompt prayer letters, and beautiful prayer cards.
  7. Enlist prayer partners and make friends in every church. When you get to the field, you will realize that prayer support is just as important as financial support.
  8. Before you leave for the field, avoid getting into credit card bondage by making unnecessary purchases.  If at all possible, avoid going to the field underfunded. Start saving as soon as you can. When it is time for you to leave, you will need money for shipping and customs. When you arrive on the field, you will need money to buy a vehicle, to purchase household goods, and funds to begin the church.