Are You Doing Your Part to Make Your Church Friendly?

Today many people have given up on church because they don’t see a genuine love for visitors, new members, and each other.

When visitors come into our churches, they are hoping to find love and acceptance. Sometimes when they come into a church, they feel isolation and rejection. No one reaches out to them. Think of the difference you could make in your church if you would reach out and encourage visitors and other members.

Too often we leave the job of hospitality to the pastor, who is already overextended. We walk into our church, sit on our same pew, and talk to our same friends. The excuse that many Christians make is that “even Jesus himself had a close, inner circle of friends. We just can’t get around to everyone. We seem to be drawn to those who are our friends and those who are like us.

What should we be doing?
• Tell a visitor, “Welcome! It’s so good to see you this morning.”
• Be friendly to the poor and outcast, even if you don’t feel like it.
• Establish a friendship with a visitor or new member. Invite him to lunch or to your house for dessert and coffee.
• If someone comes in and sits alone, go sit by him.
• Do your part by telling new people, “It is so good to see you.” Let them know that they are welcome in your church.
• Sit on a different pew.
• Avoid visiting with just your clique.
• Ask for the phone number of a first time visitor. Sometime next week, text him an encouraging text.
• At the next church fellowship, sit at a table with someone you don’t know and get acquainted with him.
• After services, go up to someone you don’t know and begin a conversation with him.
• Don’t make anyone feel like he doesn’t belong in your church.
• This week send an encouraging email to someone you didn’t see last Sunday.