Are You Looking for Illustrations and Poems?

This  ebook  is a real time saver if you work in a church office and have to prepare church bulletins. My brother compiled this book which contains hundreds of illustrations and poems about many different topics.  Gary spent many months compiling this information into one place. You can purchase his ebook and download it to your computer.   Here is a sample of one of the poems in the book.

A Mother’s Love

Tender is a mother’s love, a love that cannot be measured,
A love that is known by all as one to be greatly treasured;

God placed a special kind of love within a mother’s heart,
One she bestows on all her children whether near or far apart;

Her love remains steadfast through all the fleeting years,
Always wrapped in gentleness that wipes away all tears;

The precious love of a mother lingers all the while,
Kindling that bond between a mother and her child.


Taken from the book Life Changing Thoughts by Gary Smith (