Various Mother’s Day Ideas from Different Women

1. At my church, we celebrate Mother’s Day by hosting Muffins with Mom. This is usually an hour before Sunday School begins. We invite all mom’s and their children to celebrate her special day with muffins, juice, milk, and coffee. We finish by taking a picture of Mom with her children and either make a bookmark or a small magnet to give her the following week.
2. The men at our church cook all the mothers breakfast that morning. And at worship service we have the children at church give their crafts they made to their mother. Also we give the oldest mother, youngest mother, one with the most children at church and new mother a red rose.
3. At my church, we always give each mom a gift and have some readings. I choose one mom and make her Mom for the Day…crown her and read a testimonial written about her.
4. At my church, we present all women with a carnation. During Sunday School, the children have their own service which is dedicated to their Mothers. The Sunday School gives each woman a token gift.
5. We usually have a special Sunday School; session for our mothers with special singing, poems, etc. As the mothers enter the church, young men present them with a rose or corsage. We sometimes conduct interviews with moms, get them to compete with quiz…then we treat them to lunch after church compliments of the men and children.
6. We usually give a gift to the oldest living mother, the newest member mother, and to a mother who has children teaching Sunday school.
7. At our church, we had everyone bring a picture of their mom, and we scanned the pictures and taped the copied picture inside a flower cut-out of different colors of construction paper. We used a hole punch, tied with curly ribbons, and wrote the names of the mothers. We handed them out for mothers to wear Mother’s Day. This was a Youth Service Ministry project.
8. We get the children to say a poem for all mothers in church, and we give a cake to the senior pastor’s wife which she later shares with all mums after the service. The children make Mother’s Day cards.
9. Our men get up early and fix a gourmet breakfast for ALL THE WOMEN in our congregation on Sunday morning before worship. They have amazing decorations on the tables. The men formally serve the mothers to honor them.
10. We give out corsages. The oldest mom gets a white rose, the youngest mom gets a pink rose, and the mom with the most children gets a white rose with red tips.
11. For the last few years we have chosen a single mom and did version of an extreme makeover of her apartment/house. We just provide the items she needs but no way can afford. We even built a house for a single mom one year. One year we gave a single mom a car. We usually get stories all year round, but we choose to something for one mom that is in need.
12. We are a new church plant and currently have a small congregation of approximately 20. This year we are reaching out to our community the Saturday before Mother’s Day by visiting the local Laundromats. We will cover their washer and dryer fees, take snacks and water for the kids and present the Mom’s with a special Mother’s Day giftbag.
13. Our church honors single mothers by taking them to lunch with their children. We give them gift baskets, an oil change, and the children are entertained with crafts and a bounce house!
14. All our youth and dad’s plan a dinner for all the mothers at our church. No cooking or doing dishes for them…they get to relax and enjoy the day. We all fellowship and have a great time.
15. The Dads, Youths, and Sunday School children come together to prepare a feast for the mothers. Fathers present gifts to the mother as they enter the church. After the church service, Mothers are ushered into our Church Hall where they are served as Queens of the Day. Mothers watch as Dramas, Skits, poems, and songs are presented to show our gratitude to our mothers.
16. For the last 7 years, we have had a Mother-Daughter sleep over at the church. We host it on the Friday before Mother’s Day. We usually have about 30 ladies. If you are a female, you are a mother or a daughter. We serve dinner…usually hamburgers and hotdogs and do crafts until the wee hours of the morning. We play games and share Jesus with each other. We usually have at least 20 ladies to stay the night. This is a great fellowship time, and ALL the ladies look forward to this event every year. This is also a way our women can invite other women to join us, and we are able to invite them back for a service at church.
17. At our church this year, we handed out an iced flower shaped honey biscuit to all women over 20 years. Since there are many women who are not mothers, we include those who never married or able to bear children.
18. Last year, our church made a pre-recorded video with each child saying what they liked about their mother. We showed it in church on Sunday.
19. Our church has a mother- daughter brunch Mother’s Day weekend. mothers. The girls from our AWANA group share Scripture, poems, and songs for their mothers. We will also have a “make and take” session on edible arrangements and other fruit carving.
20. Our church has a Mother-Daughter Tea. We hold it the Saturday before Mother’s Day. We have tea, lemonade, finger foods and goodies. We have everyone bring a teacup, and we do a teacup exchange.

Here are some ideas for giving gifts to moms:
The mom with the most children/grandchildren/great grandchildren present at the event.
The mother who has come the farthest to be at the event.
The newest mother.
The mother with the oldest child
The mother/daughter who look most alike.