Be an Authentic Christian Mother

We can talk a good talk, but are we being authentic Christian mothers. Our children will know the difference. Here are a few things to remember when training your children to love the Lord.

1.     Cultivate a love in their hearts for Jesus. Demonstrate to them that you depend on the Lord for everything.

2.     Make sure your activities exhibit your love for the Lord. Do this by weaving spiritual lessons into your daily conversations and seizing every opportunity to speak of God.   Children are visual learners. What they see will impact them more than what they hear.

3.    During each day, make your child thirsty for God by playing cheerful Christian music in your home and car.

4.     To help prepare your children for future battles, memorize God’s Word with them .

5.     Tape Bible verses in conspicuous places to remind your children of your faith  in God.

Children must have an anchor that is beyond themselves. Their anchor must be in the principles of God’s Word.  

Remember this about your child’s heart:

  • By nature, his heart is sinful.
  • He needs you to hold him accountable and teach him to have good character.
  • Your example is shaping his view and  trust of God.
  • He feels secure when there is harmony and structure in your home.
  • Because he lacks discernment, he needs you to help him to distinguish between good and evil.
  • When he stumbles, he needs your unconditional love to teach him forgiveness and grace.
  • Your time is more important to him than your gifts.
  • Please never give up on him or stop praying for him.