Begin a New Ministry to the Grieving

Consider beginning a ministry to those who have just lost a loved one. Since one of the goals of the local church should be to encourage those who have emotional and spiritual needs, this could be a great ministry.

After losing a loved one,  sometimes a person  begins to  think about spiritual matters and his eternal destiny. He may even want to attend church.  A simple act of kindness could show a grieving person that there are churches that truly care about people.

To find recipients to receive these baskets, check daily obituaries or use prayer requests from members of your church.  Try to deliver as quickly as possible after a death. This could be a great ministry for the elderly of your church.

Items to put in basket:

  • Fruit, muffins, homemade jams, cookies, etc
  • An encouraging book, a comforting tract, or an Instrumental Hymns CD
  • A brochure or DVD about the church
  • A letter of condolence and offer of counsel from the pastor