Being a Lady in Modern Day

This was a great blog that I had previously copied into my files. I would like to give credit to the woman who wrote it, but I searched the internet and could not locate the article again to give credit. If anyone knows who wrote this, I would love to give her credit.

I know wanting to learn ‘how to be a lady’ in modern times may seem unnecessary and uncool. You might even get laughed at. Afterall, it is more fashionable to be like our modern day superstars, Katy Perry, Rihannaa, Fergie etc. Learning how to be a lady – the subject – itself sounds old-fashioned and grand-motherish.

Call it what you like, but understanding the processes of how to be a lady is akin to pursuing a well-rounded education, as written extensively as anywhere on It is the fruit of a studied life, which will produce greater happiness, fulfillment, purpose and influence, depending of course on what you would like out of this life.

These studies of being a lady did not come without a price. It is the result of many years of trial and error, research and discoveries, years of thought and philosophy and culture that was inherited, modified and passed down to us by our forefathers. I think we are sometimes too quick to discard the old and embrace the new.

The World of a Lady

Your world is generally a more pleasant place.

Everyone speaks kindly and gently to you as you would to them. You’ll start to feel like royalty whenever you go.

(On a side note, I’ve stumbled upon a blog of an ex-friend and she complains about how people are rude to her all the time. I’ve known her all my life and I wish she can see that people are rude and mean to her because she was to them in the first place. However, I did tell her something similar (actually to stop being a freeloader because people are talking) and got booted off her friends list.)

The more you act like a lady, the more you bring out the gentlemanly side of the boys and men in your life. When you ask nicely and gently, you’ll be surprised about the reaction it evokes in others. Your husband or son might initially think there may be something wrong with you. Perhaps they become suspicious, but you do not need to explain, just keep at it.

People will be relaxed around you and seem to like you. I know this might sound absurd, but you’ll notice that even the dogs and cats like you more. It is a great self-esteem booster!

When you feel like a lady, you’ll feel more beautiful.

Eventually you’ll stop feeling like a fake, because you’ve become a lady and you might even develop the courage to graciously stand up for something you believe in, or for someone who has no voice.

You will gain a relaxed sense of confidence, an ease about yourself. You will feel secure in yourself. You won’t feel the need to impress or respond to bad manners with the same tit-for-tat. YOU are gracious.