Worship Service Etiquette for Children

Dress & Appearance

• Wear your nicest clothes on Sunday. If your clothes are modest and clean, that is your Sunday Best. Always try to wear your Sunday Best for the Lord on His special day.

Behavior During Church

• Sit quietly and keep your feet on floor at all times.

• Keep your hands to yourselves.

• Do not leave the worship service to go to the restroom or to get a drink of water.

• When the Pastor says, “Let’s pray,” You should bow your head and not talk during his prayer.

• Do not talk to people around you during music specials, prayers, or the pastor’s sermon. This is disrespectful toward God and rude toward other people who want to worship.

• Talk to God during the worship service through your prayers, your singing, and your offerings; talk to your friends after the worship service.


• Always use respectful and kind language. That means you should only say nice things—never say anything rude or mean to others. You can express yourselves without using mean language.

Respect for Others & Property

• The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


• Our Pastor and teachers are servants of the Lord. Listen to them, obey them, and respect them as servants of the Lord.

• Greet the Pastor and other members in a respectful manner.  Shake their hands, look them in the eyes, and smile at them.

• Be polite in your conversation. Say thank you and you are welcome.

• Offer to help others. (Such as: opening doors for others, setting up chairs, sweeping floors, taking out trash)

• The Church belongs to the Lord. Do not damage or ruin anything inside or outside of the church. Do not go into classrooms to play when there is no adult present.

• Do not play around the pulpit area or play with microphones.

• The auditorium is a sacred place. You should show respect by not eating, drinking, or running in it.

• Do not play around the altar area. This is a sacred place where people talk to God.