How About Your Heart Campaign?

This is a Sunday school campaign that encourages Sunday school members to be faithful and to encourage them to invite visitors.

Directions for Campaign

1. Begin in January to make posters and place in various areas of the church that read Do Not Break the Heart of Christ–Be Faithful.

2. Campaign begins the last Sunday of January and goes through the end of February.

3. Prepare individual hearts for each Sunday school student to place on the wall. Divide hearts into five sections. Label each section according to your planned Sunday school lessons. Use your own criteria to plan lessons (Examples: Bible, Missions, Stewardship, Faithfulness, Salvation)

4. Prepare a large class heart the same way. If the class meets its goal, the individual class can place its piece on the class heart.

5. Each week of the campaign, have students place individual pieces on their wall hearts. If a student misses one Sunday, he can earn back a lost piece by bringing a visitor to Sunday school.

6. In the morning service, use the song How About Your Heart for theme song. (Song can be found on the internet)

7. You could develop this Sunday school promotion with your own ideas. Each Sunday school teacher could have a party for his class, if his class met its weekly goals.

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  1. I just found your blog, thanks to Julia of Creative Ladies Ministry. I’m very much interested in your book, Given to Hospitality, but the e-mail address listed bounced when I tried to send a request. What should I do now? I look forward to taking time and going through your posts — there’s a wealth of information here! 🙂

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