Do You Use the Altar in Your Church?

This was written by Lana Santino, pastor’s wife Faith Baptist Church, Enfield, Ct

One of my dearest friends took this picture of Gary and I praying at our church’s altar this past Sunday. It brought back so many memories of the alter calls that my pastor lead during my youth. Pastor Robert Lewis taught us that God had something to say to us, and if we needed to talk to him, we could! We didn’t have to wait until we got home! I remember my hardest visit to the alter was on a Sunday that I had a sizeable run in my stockings, and I was afraid that people would see it. In spite of that rip, I summoned my courage by relying on God’s promise that it isn’t what people see that matters, it’s what God sees. Although I don’t remember many of the things I prayed during my trips to the alter, my reason for going forward was because God had just spoken to me and I wanted to talk to Him. I don’t think people today understand why we have the alter call and why it is so important? Many churches don’t even have them. I have been blessed to go to a church where my husband still invites people to come and pray, but have noticed that many don’t take advantage of this time to talk to God. Yes, we can pray at home, and we should. But those alter calls are given for a purpose. When God speaks to you, He wants you to respond. There is not a Sunday that goes by, that I don’t want to discuss what He has said to me and if I miss the invitation, I may forget by the time I get home! Some things can’t wait, and if God speaks to you, no matter how hard the trip to the alter seems, you won’t regret the trip❤