Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day began in the early twentieth century as a special day to honor fathers.  This is a  great time to plan a special event for fathers. Different ideas might include Father-Son camp-outs, breakfasts, or picnics. Here are a few ideas that I have collected  to recognize fathers in your church: 

  • Have Children’s church leaders plan a contest called “My Dad Is Great”. Instruct each child to write a short paragraph about his father. Paragraphs could include a Bible verse that describes dad or his Occupation. A child whose father is a construction worker could write, “A wise man who built his house on the rock”, Matthew 7:23-25. Read the best essays in the main worship service.
  • Have a Father’s Day breakfast. Have the children serve all the fathers a simple breakfast in their children’s church room. Decorate the room and tables with a Father’s Day Theme. 
  • Write and present a short children’s costumed program called “Fathers of the Bible.” Choose four older boys to act as each Biblical father. Each boy says a few words about the characteristics of the Biblical father and his father. 
  • Invite some of the fathers of the church to participate in children’s church on Father’s Day. Have each one of the fathers give a short talk about their favorite Bible character. 
  • Plan a Father-Son campout or picnic.