Decorating? What Style Do You Like?

The first step in decorating is to decide what style you prefer.

Since there have been many books written on decorating, I will not be presumptuous enough to think that I know everything there is about the subject. My goal is not to impress you with my knowledge of decorating, but it is to give you a few pointers which may help you decorate your home in an attractive and comfortable style. By using your imagination, you will be able to decorate your home in your own special way. When you use your individual way of expressing yourself, your personality will shine through, and your home will become a place where others will feel warmth and welcome.

When you begin to decorate, remember there is a wealth of information out there. Look for ideas in fabric stores, paint and wallpaper stores, furniture store brochures, free samples, and catalogs. Check magazines and newspapers for the dates of home shows. Locate a home show near you and invite a friend to go with you just to get some ideas.  Today there are television cable decorating programs, and the library also has a wealth of information. Through the years, I have watched many decorating shows—I have viewed videos from the library—I have searched through books and magazines looking for ideas to use in decorating. If you keep your eyes open and use your imagination, you can make your home a real haven for entertaining.

Do you lean toward formal or informal? Remember the goal in decorating is not to impress, but to reflect you and your family. Look through magazines and books for ideas. Start a file of pictures of rooms that you really like.

Are you drawn to modern furniture with glass or are you drawn to a colonial farmhouse?  Do you prefer wall-to-wall carpeting or do you prefer Oriental rugs with wood exposed around the edges? Do you enjoy hosting formal dinners or do enjoy casual get-togethers with close friends and family?

There are three styles of decor in decorating. They are traditional, contemporary, and transitional. Traditional style is the style which refers to any historical era. This could be the style from 1600’s to the 1900’s. Contemporary style refers to the time after the 1920’s. Transitional style is a mixture of the two other styles. Although transitional is the style most of us use, it is the style that takes the most skill and planning. Not having a plan when you use transitional can cause confusion and chaos. It seems to be easier to stay with one style, but blending the styles can be beautiful if you remember to keep balance, proportion, and scale. No matter what style you choose to decorate your home, the end result of your decorating should be to make others feel comfortable and welcome.