Five “P’s” of the Christmas Season

1. Put Christ First

Because the government is taking away our rights as Christians to celebrate the Christmas season, many people today are failing to even recognize the real reason for the celebration. As Christians, we might get busy during this season, but we must not allow our busyness to keep us from putting Christ first in everything we do.

2. Plan Family Traditions Ahead of Time

Every family needs to establish traditions. Traditions give families stability and make the Christmas season more meaningful to them. Traditions might include taking a sleigh ride, cutting down your own Christmas tree, baking cookies together, doing kind acts of service for those who are less fortunate, or going caroling with your church family at nursing homes.

3. Pay Cash for Gifts

What are Christmas gifts? They are expressions of  your love and appreciation to others. Consider giving gifts that are “homemade” or giving away some personal items that are very special to you.  If at all possible,  try to avoid using credit to purchase Christmas gifts.

4. Place Tracts in Christmas Cards

Everyone needs to know what it means to trust Christ as his Savior. This is a great way to share God’s Word with your family and friends. A great tract to give other Christians is 10 Guidelines for Keeping Christ in Christmas (

5. Provide for Those in Need

There are many people who are lonely and in need of financial assistance during this season. Look for ways to be a blessing to those who suffering during this season. There are people who are sick and shut-in,  who have lost their jobs or are between jobs, and who have no family to celebrate the season.

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