Flowers for My Mother

Mom and I went to her friend’s funeral,
Many flowers were brought for the dead;
It caused mother to make a strange remark,
Later, I thought upon the words she said,
“Son, all these flowers are so pretty,
But somehow it just seems so wrong;
We should give our flowers to the living,
And not wait until their dead and gone.
If we wait until one’s life here has ended,
Then that seems to be much too late;
What need have we for pretty flowers,
Once we stand inside of Heaven’s gate?”
After thinking upon my mother’s words,
I knew that we should change our ways;
Why wait until our mothers are gone,
To give them honor, love, and praise;
Today, let your mother know you love her,
And place a gentle kiss upon her brow;
If you want to give your mother flowers,
Then order her favorite color now!