Flowers in God’s Garden

Written by John Osborne

We all are flowers in God’s Garden
Each bearing a differing bloom,
We are only here for a season
And autumn oft cometh too soon.

Each of us has the potential
To be the loveliest of flowers,
To add charm and grace to the Garden
The choice quite simply is ours.

We may bring some joy to a life that is sad
Just through a word that is spoken
We may bring some peace to a troubled mind
Or hope to a heart that is broken.

For every flower has something to give
Or it may be just something to share,
It may not be much, but may mean a great deal
To someone, sometime, somewhere.

Yes, we all have gifts to use as we will
And we never should miss any chance,
To freely give of the gifts we possess
And with love, God’s Garden enhance.

For much may stem from the life that we live
Which now we’re not able to see,
But the good seeds we sow, are the flowers that will grow
And bloom in Eternity.