Fun Way to Pray for Missionaries

Pray For Your Missionaries By Using Your Fingers!

When you are waiting in traffic or waiting at a doctor’s office, use your time to pray for missionaries and missionary outreach.

Thumb – Since your thumb is nearest to you, begin by praying for those missionaries closest to you. They are the easiest ones to remember. C. S. Lewis said, “Praying for those we love is a sweet duty.”

Index or pointing finger – Let your “pointing finger” remind you to pray for missionaries who teach and instruct. This includes teachers, colleges, and evangelists. They need prayer support. Pray that they will have wisdom to point others in the right direction.

Middle finger – Our tallest finger reminds us to pray for church pastors and leaders. We can never pray too much for them. Pray that these leaders never lose their burden for missionaries. Pray that they faithfully lead their churches to pray and to give to the missionary outreach of their churches.

One missionary recently shared this story. “The pastor of  my sending church just resigned.  The support from our church was half of our total support. When the new pastor took over the leadership, he dropped every missionary. The pastor sent out a letter to all missionaries and told them that he was dropping their support because he had better things to do with the missionary money.”  Consequently, this missionary had to come home.

Ring finger – Surprisingly, the ring finger is our weakest finger (as any piano teacher will testify). This weak finger reminds us to pray for those missionaries who are discouraged, in trouble, or in pain.

Little finger – Our little finger is the smallest finger of all. The Bible says, “The least shall be the greatest among you.” Your pinkie should remind you to pray for the people of the world who have the greatest need to find Jesus. Pray that they will open their eyes and see Him.