Girls With Grace Ministry

This is a ministry for teen girls to help prepare them for the Lord’s work.  This preparation could be for working full time in the  ministry  or  for assisting the Pastor’s Wife with her duties.

Grace Hardy presented this ministry at a ladies meeting that I just attended.  Results of her intensive training with the girls that she trained were phenomenal. Grace was gracious enough to give me the notes that she used for her presentation.

Girls With Grace Ministry
After serving as a pastor’s wife for 30 years, there are many things that I don’t miss about the position. However, there are some things that I do miss and one of those is what I’m about to tell you about. It was not until my last few years at Eastland that I formed a group of young ladies between the ages of 15-18 years of age who showed an interest in ministry. The girls chose to name the class Girls with Grace.

Theme Verse: But grow in grace in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18

Goals: To develop personal growth in their lives and to help them see the beauty and joy of ministry.  My personal goal for them is to develop a love for the ministry, whether it be serving full time in the ministry or serving alongside their pastor’s wife.

·  Met for 2 hours the first Saturday of each month
·  50 minutes for Biblical teaching or training. I used this time for to teach or for the girls to present a lesson.
·  20 minutes for fellowship and refreshments provided by 2 girls working together. The girls were to decorate a small table with a theme and to provide refreshments. They were not allowed to just throw refreshments on the table, but they were required to make a pleasing presentation of the food.
·  50 minutes of practical training
Cake Decorating
Floral Arranging
Theme Dinners
Serving Refreshments
Time Management
Hospitality in the home
Hospitality in the church
Coordinating Weddings
Ministering at Funerals

Ministry Preparation:
1.    Public Speaking with evaluations
·         Practice tongue twisters-fun
·         Scripture Readings-reading the Bible aloud with feeling
·         Public reading of poems or special readings
·         Prepare personal testimony and present it in class
·         Chose one aspect of Proverbs 31 lady, prepare and present the lesson
·         Prepare and present a lesson (Choose target audience, primary, junior, teens, adults)
2.    In Service Training
·         Nursery
·         Devotions at Ladies’ Meetings
·         Junior Church
·         Helping on Ladies’ Retreat Committee
3.    Study
·         How to study the Bible
·         A book study-I used some of Elizabeth George’s books
4.    Relationships
·         Working with people in group projects
·         Leadership skills for working with women
5.    Guest Speakers
·         Ministry wives
·         Missionary wives (question answer time during Mission’s Conference)
Theme Song:
Lord please make us sanctuaries
Pure and holy, tried and true
We’ll be a living Sanctuary
Lord for You!
·         4 Missionaries
·         1 Evangelist’s Wife
·         2 Church Secretaries
·         Music Director’s Wife
·         Pastor’s Wife
·         Several are not in fulltime ministry, but they are heavily involved in the ministry of their churches.