God’s Unseen Protection

The story is told of David Brainerd, an early American missionary to the Indians. One day he heard of a very savage tribe living in the New Jersey forests. He determined that he would take the gospel to these Indians. When he arrived, he was surprised to be welcomed by the Indians. He had expected that arrows would be shot at him and that he might be skinned alive, but instead the Indians seemed glad to see him. In a little while he learned the reason why. When the Indians had learned that a white man was coming to see them, the warriors set out as usual to kill him. The reached his tent at night and went in planning to put a dagger or arrow through him. When they got inside his tent, they saw that the “Paleface” was in prayer. They also saw a large rattlesnake lift its head and prepare to strike him. Its long tongue licked back and forth and then without any reason, the snake slipped away into the bushes! The Indians said, “The Great Spirit is with paleface,” so they let him live and visit them. Satan, no doubt, wished for the death of David Brainerd at that time, but God protected him. He died of tuberculosis a few years later, but it was not until he had experienced a fruitful ministry among the Indian.