Have You Begun Praying for Your Child’s Future Mate?

I have heard  dedicated Christian parents say, “We started praying for our child’s future mate the day  that  we brought our child home from the hospital.”  I have to say, “Praise the Lord for godly parents who take their responsibility so serious that they spend hours praying for their children’s future mates.”

Here are a few  suggestions you might include in your prayers as you begin praying  for your children’s future mates.

1.            Help (him/her) to remain pure and chaste until (his/her) wedding  date.

2.           Help (him/her) to grow up  to be a mature Christian who will encourage my child toward spiritual values.

3.            Help (him/her) to understand the basics of spiritual warfare;  how to flee temptation, how to take thoughts captive, and how to stand firm    against the devil’s false lies of love.  Please protect   his eyes from pornography.

4.            Help (him/her) to master good, uplifting communication.  Protect him from using God’s name in vain or any other foul language.

5.            Help this child to have godly parents who will teach (him/her) good parenting skills and will be  a godly role model to (him/her).

6.           Help (him/her) to have  a hunger for God. Encourage (him/her) to have (his/her) own personal  prayer,  Bible study, and relationship with the Lord.

7.            Help (him/her) to have a commitment to always be truthful  and  honest through every situation  of (his/her) life.

8.            Help (him/her) to have a   proper attitude toward money. Help (him/her) to be honest with others and with the Lord.

9.            Help (him/her) to be a considerate and sensitive  person.

10.          Help (him/her) not to be selfish. Help (him/her) to be a giving and loving Christian who places the needs of others before (his/her) own needs or wants.