Have You Prayed for Your Missionaries Today?

If you are going to pray for your missionaries, you must be informed and communicate with them. Make an effort to know basic facts about their lives and their countries. Here are a few guidelines to use when praying  for your missionaries.


  • For health and safety of their families
  • For husbands and wives to keep their love alive and keep good communication with each other
  • For strength to adjust to their new culture and to learn their new language
  • For wisdom to use their time wisely
  • For  humility to be able to work with other missionaries  and nationals
  • For the spiritual condition of their families.  Pray that their families will stay close to the Lord and their children will stay holy and grow spiritually
  • For protection from Satan’s tactics. Pray that they will be aware of ways Satan will try to defeat and discourage them
  • For the eyes of the people to be open to the Gospel