Humor: Eulogy of a Wicked Brother

There were two brothers who lived in a small western town. They had terrorized everyone in that town for years. Since they were extremely violent, everyone in town was afraid of them. Finally the older brother died. The younger brother went to the local minister and told him that when he preached his brother’s funeral , he wanted him to tell the people of the town that his brother was a Saint.

The minister said, “How can I possibly tell everyone he was a Saint? Everyone who knew your brother knew that he was not a good person.” The younger brother said, “Well, Preacher, it seems like a small thing to do when I am willing to make a $100,000 contribution to your church.”

The day of the funeral came and the preacher started the eulogy, “We all know that this brother was a drunk, a womanizer, dishonest in business, and generally a very sinful person, but compared to his brother, he was a Saint.”