Ideas for Resurrection Sunday

Because of Easter’s pagan origins, my husband and I choose not to be involved in the commercialization of Easter. We like to call the day Resurrection Sunday. Here are a few ideas to celebrate the day with your church and family.

  • Make Resurrection Rolls for your family.

Recipe: Provide a large canned biscuit for each person.  Flatten the biscuit out until it is about 5 inches across.  Spread melted butter, sugar and cinnamon on it.  Explain that the spices represent the spices used to anoint Jesus’ body before His burial. Give one large marshmallow to each person.  The marshmallow represents Jesus.  It is white because it stands for His purity and sinless life.  Place the marshmallow in the center of the biscuit. Then fold the sides around it forming a “tomb”.  Put more butter, cinnamon, and sugar on the outside.  Talk about the sweet taste of the spices and that Jesus is the sweetest gift we will ever receive.  Place the biscuits crease side down on a greased baking sheet so that they will not open while cooking.  Bake according to directions on biscuit package.  Allow time to cool because the marshmallow will be very hot. When you bite into the rolls, you will be surprised to find the center empty.  The marshmallow has melted.  As each person discovers the empty tomb, discuss the Scripture Matthew 28:6 “He is not here: for He is risen. . .”

  • Two weeks before that Sunday, pass out printed invitations to your congregation. Ask them to give an invitation to one person and invite him to services for Resurrection Sunday. Tell them to either mail or hand-deliver the invitations.
  • Purchase an Easter lily and send as a donation to a local business, hospital, law enforcement, or school. Attach a small card from your church, “With appreciation for all you do for our community during this Resurrection season.”
  • Give children small gift bags of Jelly Beans with the Jelly Bean Story.

Jelly Bean Story 

Little jelly beans, tell a story true
A tale of our Father’s love –
Just for you and me.
Green is for the waving palms
Red is for His precious blood
Black is for the sin He washed from your soul and mine
White is for our hearts now clean from sin
Purple’s for the sadness of His family and friends
And Yellow is for the glory of the day He rose again.
Now you’ve heard the story, you know what each color means.
The story of our Father’s love told by some jelly beans.
So every morning take a bean, they’re really very yummy.
Something for the soul, you see, and something for the tummy.

Google: Jelly Bean Story of Easter to get graphics and ideas for gifts

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