Idea for Thanksgiving Day Service

Thanksgiving Day is a great day to have a special service. Every year while we were ministering in Rhode Island, we had a Thanksgiving Day Service, and our people loved it.   My husband cancelled Wednesday evening service, in order for the women of the church to cook and to prepare for Thanksgiving Day. The service on Thanksgiving Day began at 10:30. This was always such a wonderful service. While the turkeys cooked in ovens, our people united their hearts together and offered thanksgiving and praise to the Lord for His many blessings on them for the year. Today my son and daughter-in-law have taken this tradition a step further. They invite their family members and all the church members who would like to join them to celebrate the day with them at church. My daughter-in-law cooks a large turkey and a large ham, and others bring side dishes.  After the service, everyone who wants to remain for Thanksgiving Dinner goes to the fellowship hall to enjoy great fellowship and good food.

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