Is Your Husband Your Best Friend?

Ways To Help Make Your Husband Become Your Best Friend

It is important that you not usurp your husband’s  position of leadership. Your husband wants to love you, but if you take over his leadership, he begins to compete. When he begins to compete, he loses his feeling of love for you. Show him that you respect and admire him. Don’t make him feel that you can do things just as good or better. Begin to really listen to him and give your advice sparingly. Pro 18:13…don’t answer a matter before you even hear it. As wives, we are emotional beings and have trouble listening. Listen to him with your eyes; it is a clear sign that you are interested in what he has to say.

Do some fun things together. Walks, hiking, metal detector, exercise, etc.
Think of ways you make your husband’s life better. Don’t put off doing things he asks you to.
Keep organized! When he needs to find something, he will be proud of your organization skills.
Keep laundry done.
Work at keeping his time at home relaxed.
Treat him with courtesy.
If possible read the Bible and pray together.
Don’t make him feel guilty if he doesn’t come up to your standard of spirituality.
Don’t allow yourself to become stagnant. Become aware of world news and events. Keep yourself fresh by remaining an interesting person.

Go to 1 Corin 13:4-7 and substitute the word love with the word wife.

A wife is longsuffering. A wife is kind. A wife doesn’t envy or boast. A wife is not proud. A wife is not rude. A wife doesn’t always seek her own way; A wife doesn’t get angry quickly, A wife doesn’t keep tract of wrongs. A wife always trusts, hopes, and perseveres.