Ladies’ Meeting: My Sister’s Keeper

Idea taken from Angie Gaddis booklet Ladies Ministry Ideas

Theme Verse: Proverbs 17:17, “A friend loveth at all times.”

Overview This theme was inspired by the Hooker Family entitle “My Sister’s Keeper”. We used it to encourage the ladies of our church and to support each other in love and fellowship. Devotions can be given on such topics as “Our Missionary Sisters” or “Sisterly Love”. Other activities can be planned to encourage fellowship, such as crafts, a picnic, visits to shut-ins, ladies health awareness, ect.

Decorations: Mary Englelbreit sister or friend decorations

Resources: “My Sister’s Keeper” song from the CD entitles “Across the Miles” by the Hooker Family

Lyrics to the Song:
It’s not just accidental that our paths have crossed this way.
I believe Divine appointment has brought us here today.
‘Cause we all need each other, and we all need a hand;
Together we can make it, Together we can stand.

I will be my sister’s keeper; If you fail, I’ll lift you up;
While we walk this road together, He will keep us in His love.

Life gets complicated, and faith is lost in fear;
Sisters stick together—Through the laughter and the tears
When you need a shoulder, I will be your friend;
To carry you, to pray for you—Until our journeys end.

Though our lives are different—We share a common bond.
The Father makes us family—And family makes us strong.