Are You Tired and Discouraged?

Lord, Give Me Courage

I saw a little bird one day
Twas sitting on a wire.
The air was cold and frosty,
And one longed for the fire.

The little bird stretched wide his beak,
And melody flowed out.
He didn’t seem to mind the cold.
Just sang and looked about.

From out his feathered throat there came
A song of sure delight.
The wind blew hard, the snow swirled by.
He sang with all his might.

I bowed my head and said, “Dear Lord,
Make me like that small bird.
When things are cold and drear, oh, Lord,
Please make my song be heard.”

If I can sing when harsh winds blow,
And things are drear and cold.
I’ll be  of help to kindred hearts
Who’ve almost lost their hold.

“Lord, give me courage to sing out,
Though skies above seem gray.
And may I, like the little bird,
Help make a happy day.”