Mission Booster Ideas

Mission Booster Ideas

1. Have a weekly reminder for the goal that the church made at its last mission’s conference.

2. Have missionary speakers come in periodically throughout the year.

3. Read missionary letters midweek. Have Sunday school teachers read letters in their classes. The teachers could choose a certain field for their classes and have the class pray for that missionary for one month.

4. Have a short conference mid-year to challenge people about their commitments and promises.

5. Display missionary maps, pictures, and posters.

6. Publish prayer requests for missionaries in Sunday bulletins.

7. Form a missionary prayer team within your church that meets once a week.

8. If you use an overhead screen on Sunday mornings, add a beautiful display of your missionaries and the countries they represent to your announcements. If you have too many missionaries to do this, use only the missionaries that your church is sending out. Please pray for (Example: Leaf family in Brazil)