Nursery Workers

Add a nice clip art picture of a woman holding a baby  to this description of Nursery Workers. This could be an insert for a bulletin or  use it  as flyer to hand out to recruit new nursery workers. 

Nursery Workers Description and Qualifications

You will have one of the most important jobs in our church. You will be helping to lay a firm foundation of faith in the lives of the babies and toddlers. Your job will be to care for the babies by holding, cuddling, feeding, and playing with them. You will be their first picture of God and His love for them.

Think of  it! When you care for a baby or toddler of  a visiting mother who attends our services,  this mother will be able to hear the Gospel message  without any distractions, and she might be saved.  What a great reward you will receive for having a part in her salvation!

Growing Christian
Love for babies/toddlers
Know or willing to learn about baby/toddler characteristics
Ability to get along with people
Friendly and cheerful
Willing to serve

If you have a woman in your church who is willing to take on the responsibilities of being a Nursery Director, here are some guidelines that you might use.

Nursery Director Responsibilities
1.  Management nursery staff and recruit volunteers.
2.  Maintain a positive attitude and spiritual attitude.
3.  Check for needed supplies and equipment.
4.  Oversee the cleaning and scheduling of nursery workers.
5.  Mail weekly reminders to nursery workers.
6.  Set up training meetings for new nursery workers.
7.  Write midweek and bulletin inserts.
8.  Change bulletin boards to help give a good impression to new parents.

Special Note: Remind the nursery workers to show the bulletin board to the babies and toddlers while they hold them and play with them. Bulletin boards should be simple phrases. God Loves You. God Is Good…

Characteristics of  a Nursery Child  (1-3 years of age)
-Very active-tires easily
Mentally-Curious, inquisitive, imaginative, strong fear instinct
Socially-Individualistic, self-centered, desire attention, no inhibitions
Spiritually-Natural trust, hunger for love, natural reverence, beginning to sense right and wrong