Useful Hints for Organizing

Use acrostic W-A-S-T-E to decide if it’s worth keeping

  • W Worthwhile? Is it really worth keeping?
  • A Again? Will I use it again? When was the last time you used it?
  • S Somewhere else? Can I borrow it or find it somewhere else?
  • T Toss? What will happen if I toss it? Will it upset a family member?
  • E Entire? Do I need the whole thing or just part of it? Take picture of a section of an article and send to your email.

Use acrostic R-E-M-O-V-E to clear your desk

  • RReduce distractions.
  • EEveryday use items stay on top of your desk.
  • MMove items to the preferred side, like the right side if you’re right-handed.
  • OOrganize together, keep similar items grouped together. Store cups and saucers the same way they are used: saucer, cup, saucer, cup. They not only look better but also can be safely stacked higher, and when you pull out a cup and saucer, they are ready for use.
  • VView your time, keep a clock on your desk.
  • EEmpty the center so you have a clean workspace.

Putting everything in its P-L-A-C-E

  • PPurge: Get rid of it! Send to Goodwill or Salvation Army..
  • LLike with like: Have a designated place for everything..
  • AAccess: Everyday items low shelves/once a year items high shelves..
  • CContain: Use containers to create space and keep things together.
  • EEvaluate: Does this organizational layout work?