Responsibilities of the Sending Church

As I was searching for contact information for an old friend, I came across this article. I thought it might be helpful information for you to keep in your files. (Information taken from BIMI website)

Often we here at Baptist International Missions, Inc., are asked, “What are the responsibilities of the sending church?” Of course, we know that every church should pray for and, in every way possible, take care of their missionaries. But, practically, how can that be done?
Let me list some valuable things that some sending churches are doing that other churches could do for their missionaries:

1. Provide the funds needed to take a survey trip to the field of their calling.
2. Provide for the expenses of candidate school.
3. Provide for the equipment needed to begin deputation:
• Prayer cards
• Brochures
• Letterhead and stationary
• Display board
• Slide projector and presentation
4. Provide housing while they are on deputation.
5. Provide phone services. This is one of the most expensive areas of the missionary’s deputation. If the sending church would allow their missionary to use the church phone, it would save the missionary literally hundreds of dollars.
6. Provide an office at the church. This would build more of a sense of accountability in the missionary to the sending church.
7. Support their own missionaries substantially more than they would missionaries from outside their church.
8. Allow the missionaries to be covered by their church staff insurance while on deputation.
9. Provide a vehicle or an automobile maintenance program.
10. Contact other pastors and urge them to allow the missionaries to come to their churches for the purpose of deputation.
11. Maintain regular contact with the missionary on deputation.
These are just a few suggestions. But, let us remember that statistically, the missionaries that have the greatest success in their deputation ministry and ultimately on the field are the ones that have the support and help of their sending church. Perhaps no church could do all of these, but if a sending church would pray and do as much for the missionary as it possibly can, it would certainly speed deputation.