Satan’s Strategy Today

Most of us cannot deny that all we see going on around us are planned attacks by Satan…we know that he is the destroyer and divider of homes, schools, churches, and governments. Every area of today’s society we can see Satan organizing his army to defeat Christians.

Although skeptics try to convince everyone that the whole idea of Satan is just a myth and superstition, Jesus tells us the truth about Satan in His Word.

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

The following selection was taken from Pulpit Commentary: Against the world-rulers of this state of} darkness.1 “World-rulers” denotes the extent of the dominion of these invisible foes— there is no part of the globe to which their influence does not extend, and where their dark rule does not show itself.2 “This darkness” expressively denotes the element and the results of their rule. Observe contrast with Christ’s servants, who are children of light, equivalent to order, knowledge, purity, joy, peace, etc.; while the element of the devil and his servants is darkness, equivalent to confusion, ignorance, crime, terror, strife, and all misery.

Historic statues are being torn down and being replaced with Satanic statues. One such statue is the Statue of Baphomet.

Baphomet is a bronze sculpture commissioned by The Satanic Temple depicting the goat-headed, winged symbol of the occult. It stands 8.5 feet tall and features a prominent pentagram as well as two smiling youths gazing up at the seated central figure. The group that promotes the statue says it does not promote a belief in a personal Satan, but he is an abstraction, … ‘a literary figure, not a deity. He stands for rationality, for skepticism, and for speaking truth to power.

Unsaved and carnal Christians are living in this Kingdom of Darkness. Many Christians choose to watch shows that exhibit adultery, jealously, lust, fornication, pornography, rape, gossip, and greed. It hard to find anything on TV without violence, filthy language, explicit sex, and graphic murder.

Satan’s three schemes are lies, temptation, and manipulation.

Lies: He is the father of lies. He attempts to deceive Christians by twisting or changing God’s Word to his purpose that will lead them into confusion and doubt.

Temptation: He sets before Christians sinful things that will tempt them to sin. He knows he cannot inhabit them, but he can sure tempt them to sin.

Manipulation: Although he is not all-powerful, he is very clever and skillful at manipulating situations and people. He uses people and their sinful tactics to make Christians feel worthless, inadequate, and stupid.

All of Satan’s attacks are done with covert tactics. He is subtle and skillful in his ways. He uses deception to confuse and to blind Christians. He wants to provoke Christians to walk in the flesh and not live in the Spirit…by turning away from God’s ways to ways to ways that only satisfy their own selfish desires,

Our prayer for today should be:
Lord, open our eyes and protect us from Satan’s planned attacks for our families, our homes, our schools, our churches, and our government. We are overwhelmed by the evil in this world that seems to grow darker every day. Lord, please help us to stand firm in Your Word so that we can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one when they come against us.