Song: Opportunity in Disguise

When my children were in the Christian School, we would sing this song in the mornings before our Bible memory time. I hope it will be a blessing to those of you who remember it.

Your problem is a compliment;
Tailored and just your size.
It may well be a Heaven-sent;
Opportunity in disguise

Thus, friction is for polishing.
Pressures are worthy tests.
Probing and revealing
Our weakness at our best!

Why complain about the problem?
Rejoice in the opportunity.
You have the chance to grow in grace;
Take hold of responsibility.
The reward is worth the suffering.
There’s glory some sweet day.
Praise God for the problems on your way.

Though troubles come in like a flood,
And nothing seems meant for my good;
Though tears flow like rivers,
But nothing delivers,
I think I will act as I should.

But my grace is sufficient for you.
Forever my promise is true;
Though trials confound you,
And troubles surround you,
My spirit will make your heart new.

My strength is made perfect in weakness;
My grace will supply all your needs;
For all things together work good if you love me;
My grace is sufficient for thee.