Testimony of a Missionary Mother

When we were on deputation and on the field, my husband and I always told our daughter what a privilege it was to be a missionary. When we were traveling from church to church, we would tell her, “What a great opportunity you have! How many children in the world get to travel like this? You are getting to see this much of America.” When we were in our country of service we would tell her, “Wow, what a blessing you get to learn a new language and taste new foods.”
When our daughter was old enough to listen to the Lord’s call on her life to be a missionary, she was more than happy to answer God’s call.

This is such a great example of a mother’s responsibility of showing excitement to do the Lord’s work. Whether it’s serving the Lord by preparing a meal for your husband or preparing a Sunday School lesson and all the exciting things we get to learn from God’s Word and ways to teach those truths to others. Our children reflect our attitude towards everything. What we like, most of the time, is what they will like.