Thank You, Lord!

Although I am thankful, Lord, for many things this Thanksgiving Day, I want to dedicate all my  praise and thanks to You , and to You only.  Aside from Your many  temporal blessings on my life, I am more thankful for You alone. For it is You alone, who is worthy of ALL my thankfulness and praise. Thank You for Your love and Your sacrifice that saved my soul.  Thank You for revealing Yourself to me through the years and guiding me by Your divine wisdom and Your comforting Holy Spirit. I love You and thank You for just being YOU and being there for me!

Why Should I Be Thankful  to the Lord During Pain and Trials?

1. It makes me more aware of God’s presence.

2. It motivates me to look for God’s purpose.

3. It makes me more aware of my dependence on God.

4. It  helps me focus on God and not  myself.

5.  It motivates me to be more submissive to God’s will.

If you are in the midst of a trial this  Thanksgiving, try praying this prayer!

“Lord, I thank You for what I am going through right now. I don’t know how You are going to work all this out, but I am going to thank You and trust You. I know that everything You do in my life is for my good and Your glory.”