The Pastor’ Secretary

The Spirituality of a Pastor’s Secretary

The secretary to the man of God must personally know Jesus Christ as her Savior.  She must be surrendered to the Lord’s will for her life, and be an active member of the local church where she is hired.

For any Pastor or his secretary, Satan will always be looking for ways to defeat the work of the Lord.  Because the Pastor’s Secretary will face many challenges, she must strive to live a spirit-filled life.

Since Satan has launched an all out battle for the minds of all Christians, the Pastor’s Secretary must be aware of his tactics.  Satan will attack the minds of those working closest to the Pastor. Satan will whisper all sorts of things and the secretary will begin to question the Pastor’s motives and his agenda. The secretary must always ask herself the question, “Who is controlling my thoughts?” Are these thoughts that I am having from the Lord or from Satan?

If the pastor’s secretary knows that it is God’s will for her (or him) to execute a ministry of helping the work of God by helping her pastor, then we can must accept several conclusions.

  1. The secretary must be spirit filled if she is going to work with spirit filled people.
  2. The secretary must not allow church members or friends to abuse her time.
  3. The secretary must be loyal to Christ and her pastor (boss) and do nothing to offend either of them.
  4. The secretary must be able to accomplish the jobs which she is charged with.
  5. The secretary must be an example in Godliness for she is working in a very special vocation.
  6. The secretary must be able to make her pastor appear successful, never showing him in bad light or upstaging him.
  7. The secretary must not give personal opinions about her pastor’s judgment unless he asks her for it.
  8. The secretary must take the opportunity to be one of the best friends a pastor’s family can have.