The Story of the Candy Cane

“I am only a candy maker,” he thought sadly. “No one will listen to me when I tell the wondrous love of my Lord, about how and why God entered our world, born as a babe in Bethlehem.”

“How can I tell the children about the love of Jesus?” he wondered.

Then he smiled, “I will make them some candy. I will begin with pure white for the virgin birth of Jesus and His sinlessness. It will be hard and pure. I will make it into the letter “J” so that all may be reminded  that it is by the name of Jesus that we are saved from our sins. It will also look like a shepherd’s staff, so that we may know Jesus is our shepherd, our Savior and Lord.”

“To remember the awful price of Jesus’ love for me, I shall include red to tell of the blood He shed to save me from my sins. Three small stripes to show His scourging, and a large red stripe for His blood shed on the cross by nails and spear.”

And so the candy cane was made: Crafted in love, and made to help us remember the costly love of Jesus.

Taken from the tract The Candy Maker