Tips for Making “Church at Home” Meaningful During Pandemic

1) Keep your service schedule like normal. During church hours, watch the online services.
2) Make these times important by getting dressed. No, not a suit – but also not pajamas. This is also a good tip for working from home. Get cleaned up and dress up a little anyway.
3) Don’t just be a spectator. Sing the hymns, pray, listen.
4) Put away distractions just like you would at church. No games on the phone or checking through Facebook, etc.
5) Give your offerings. Give online if possible, mail it in, drop it off, ask to have it picked up.
6) Encourage the pastor with a kind text, a thumbs up on FB, or something to show that you or your family watched.
7) If your church can’t livestream, watch another good church, and let them know that you did. Be an encouragement to preachers in empty auditoriums.