Tips for Planning a Mission’s Conference

• Since many missionaries find it difficult to talk about giving money, find a speaker who can challenge your people and giving and getting involved in missions.
• Choose your missionaries carefully. The wrong missionary could do more to discourage your church rather than encourage it. Do research by calling other pastors and get some recommendations. Try to schedule passionate missionaries who have good recommendations from their pastors and are raising their support quickly.
• Don’t forget that Missions is both home and foreign.
• Some churches have a three-phase missionary goal.
1. Foreign missions 2. Home missions 3. Operating and building expenses for home church
• A month before conference, pass out Faith Promise Cards. Talk about them in every service.
• Get members involved by decorating or buying special gifts for missionaries (gift cards make great gifts for traveling missionaries…a fun gift for children is to present each child with a bag of $1.00 bills)
• Begin on Wednesday and end on a Sunday. This will ensure that you will have the most people present for the Faith Promise Day.
• Set a financial goal that is not too high, but not too low. Stretch your faith.
• Pray that God will call someone to the mission field during the conference. What a great blessing for a church when this happens!