Adopt a Mother for Mother’s Day

 Mother-Daughter Banquets and Mother’s Day

A Mother-Daughter Banquet and a special Mother’s Day service are two great activities which can bond mothers and daughters together and create wonderful memories for them.

Although a Mother-Daughter Banquet can be great, do not lock yourself into having the same kind of banquet every year. Maybe one year, have a Mother-Daughter Banquet, and the next year have a Mother-Son Banquet.

 Mother’s Day is always a good time for members to invite visitors to services. If  a member is not able to invite his own mother, encourage him to adopt a mother for the day. Promote the day by telling  members that every mother present on that day will be given a gift.  You can order inexpensive mothers’ gifts for all mothers through

Mother’s Day is also a good day to recognize the oldest mother, the youngest mother, the mother with the most children present in services, and the mother who traveled the longest distance to be in services. Choose your own criteria for recognizing special mothers. Small plants or books make great gifts to give these special mothers on that day.