Ways Fathers Can Inspire Their Children 

• Set an example for them. Rather than teaching children with words alone, show your children what needs to be done by setting an example. If you are hardworking and responsible, this teaches your children to be hard working. They will look up to you and will want to emulate you.

• Treat their mother with kindness and respect. Children become very attached to their mothers as they grow up. If you do not treat their mothers with respect, they probably will not respect you or be inspired by you.

• Spend time with them. Fathers who are absent most of the time from their children’s lives do not make much of an impact on them. Spend time with them by helping them with their homework, playing games with them, driving them to their activities, getting to know what they like,  and finding out who their friends are.

• Encourage them with praise. Go easy on the criticism.  When you push your children to do more than they are able to do and criticize them because they do not live up to your expectations, it will dampen their enthusiasm.

• Teach them right from wrong: When children see that you don’t lie, cheat or treat people badly, they will pick up these traits. Be an inspiration to them by showing them how they should want to live their lives and treat their children someday.