What are My Goals for the Coming Year?

Unless I attempt to do more than I am now doing, I will never achieve all that I can do. If I aim at nothing, I am sure to reach nothing. Setting goals helps me keep my eyes focused on something bigger than my own problems and adversity.

Here is sample of some of my simplified goals:

Physical goals: Lose _____lbs by December ? Consciously drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables; exercise at least 3 days a week.

Mental goals: Memorize 5 verses every month, take an on-line class, begin to learn another language.

Spiritual goals: Read/listen through the Bible, keep a prayer journal, fast one day a week, pour myself into a new convert.

Family goals: Pray diligently for my family members. Have morning devotions with my husband. Tell my family members that “I love you” more.

Financial goals: Consistently give tithes and increase my mission’s giving. Avoid making frivolous purchases. Avoid using charge cards unless it is an emergency.

Church goals: Pray more diligently for my pastor, our church leaders, and our church families. Send cards to the discouraged, shut-ins, and children; Look for opportunities to give alms (benevolence causes) Pass out more tracts and don’t pass up any soul-winning opportunities.