What Can You Do When a Missionary Comes to Your Church?

First, remember he is not trying, but trusting.

• He is trusting God to use your church to meet his needs.
• The local church is the place where God will meet his needs both financially and spiritually.
• He is a missionary (a world traveling evangelist), sent by a local church.
• Traveling expenses and a generous love offering should be given to him in consideration of his labor for the Lord.

Second, remember he is not running, but resting. He and his family have probably traveled thousands of miles.

• You must allow him to have time to rest and recover for the next journey.
• You must not ask him to rest where you yourselves could not rest.
• He is a missionary, not a Moochinary. He has a high calling of God.
• He is or will be somebody’s hero. You should treat him as one.

Third, remember he is not wondering, but praying. You need to take his prayer card and pray about the following things.

• The health of him and his family
• Problems he may have with the language.
• Relationships he will encounter with the nationals
• His children (MK)
• The mental and emotional health of him and his family
• The missionary’s family who is left at home
• The missionary’s material needs
• The doctrinal purity of the missionary and his stand on the Bible
• Problems of demonic opposition
• Pray for prepared hearts of those he will be ministering.