What Is a Sunday School Teacher?

Sunday school teachers are women or men who are kind and love to teach. They love children and understand what their students are trying to say even if their students don’t know quite how to say things.

Sunday school teachers know each of their students’ names when they see them. They enjoy spending time helping their students discover what God wants them to do with their gifts and abilities.

Sunday school teachers are the people who are always in class before their students arrive…no matter how early. They are the ones who love to show students who arrive early what a joy it is to serve the Lord by allowing their student to put song books on the chairs or pass out activity papers.

Sunday school teachers show their students how much they love God and the Bible. Their honesty about their own faults make their students sure that they can overcome their faults.

Sunday school teachers let their students find out things about God by playing games and researching things together. They also show their students how to make right choices in life by helping them find answers from the Bible. When students have questions, Sunday school teachers help their students find answers quickly.

Sunday school teachers go to the homes of their students and bring them books or pictures. They look at their students’ rooms and appreciate the cowboy pictures on their walls, their rock collections, or their doll collections.

Sunday school teachers know small details about their students…such as their dogs’ names.

Sunday school teachers are the people who stand beside the graves of children who had once been in their classes and, though their eyes are full of tears, they are glad that those students had accepted Jesus.

Sunday school teachers make their students’ parents happy because they let their children go to Sunday School.

Sunday school teachers are the ones students remember long after they have forgotten the aims of the lessons.

Sunday school teachers are part of their students lives. When students say, “That’s my teacher!” Those teachers are happy and smile.