What Is the Purpose of Your Women’s Ministry?

Every women’s ministry should have a purpose.  Purpose means to have a determination or to have a commitment to a goal.  Our purpose (goal) as leaders should be to see the lives of women in our churches and in our communities changed.

Helen Keller said, “True happiness is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose (goal).”

What are some ways to accomplish this goal?

Host a weekly women’s Bible study.  This is a great way to help women grow spiritually. Gather 6 to 12   friends or women in your church. Have a clear goal for your study,  or it could turn into a gossip session.  As women begin to share their lives together and get to know one another, they will begin to develop close friendships and to trust  each other.  My granddaughter just finished a thirteen week Bible study with a group of women in her church.  This Bible study not only transformed her thinking, but it helped her build some new friendships.

Help each woman find her gifts.  God wants each woman to discover her gifts and use those gifts to minister for Him.  As women discover their spiritual gifts, it opens their eyes to new opportunities to serve in the church.

Begin a new outreach or Sunday school class. Lucinda Williams moved to Dallas, Texas, in the mid 1800’s. She asked her landlady if there was a Baptist church in the area. There was not one. She and her husband and 9 other people organized the First Baptist Church of Dallas. They had no building-no money-and little support. Lucinda started their first Sunday school.

Encourage older Christian women to mentor younger women.  There is a great need today for this type of ministry. Younger women need the experience and example of older women. Christian mentoring does not mean that you must only do church activities. Mentoring is about building relationships.

Mentoring can be as simple as:

  • Inviting a new convert to breakfast, taking her to lunch, or inviting her to your home for afternoon tea.
  • Inviting a struggling new mother for coffee and fellowship. Share insights that helped you when you were a new mother. Give her encouragement and hope.
  • Befriending a discouraged wife and listening to her struggles. Do not get preachy at first. Once you have gained her trust, you can lovingly give her sound Biblical counsel.    (Be sure to share your own failures, as well as your successes)