When All Doors Seemed Shut

Some years ago there was a missionary with the same kind of persevering passion as Caleb in the book of Joshua. His name was Jonathan Goforth of China. When he was 70 years old, his mission was turned over to the United Church of Canada. He was now separated from his life’s work in China. Accompanied by his sick wife, two semi-invalid lady missionaries, and one young man who did not know the language, he set out for a new field to preach the Gospel. Goforth tried five different fields in Manchuria, but every door was closed. He had nothing but difficulties. Yet, at the age of 70 when most of his friends had retired or died, his faith was steadfast. Then came a call to go to Northwest Manchuria. In just a few years, almost 2,000 people came to know Christ through his ministry…when all doors seemed shut. Later, the the last message he preached on this earth, When the Spirit’s Fire Swept Korea, he gives an account of the great revival he experienced in Korea…when all doors seemed shut!