Would You Had Room for Jesus?

I just read the story of a young boy who was born with Down Syndrome. He was given a part in his church’s Christmas pageant. This young boy loved the Lord and was so proud to be playing the part of the innkeeper. He went around the house practicing his lines: “There’s no room at the inn – you will have to stay in the stable.” The night of the pageant came and there he was, dressed in costume and standing before the audience. The two children came in who were playing the parts of Joseph and Mary; said their lines and waited for the response from the innkeeper. He looked nervous, but then took a deep breath and said his line just as he had practiced it – “There’s no room at the inn – you’ll have to stay in the stable.” As Mary and Joseph started to exit the stage to move on to the next scene, a pained look came across his face and suddenly he cried out: “No, wait, wait, you can have MY room!” What a loving heart this child had. 

As I read the Christmas story this year, I must ask myself, “Would I have made the same decision as that innkeeper? I don’t know about hypothetical decisions …but praise the LORD that in 1966, I was given a choice; I chose to open my heart and life to Jesus Christ. That day was the best decision that I have ever made!